Powder & Spray

Stand back. Sweat, water and excess oil are no match for our setting tools!
I just want to put my makeup on at the beginning of the day and not have
to think about it again~ Can I get an Amen?
We all want give our makeup a nice, matte finish to complete our look.
But it’s even better when the ingredients not only help the stay power of
your look, but have some awesome health benefits.
Those nasty pollutants known as free radicals, just want to steal a the good stuff that is natural in our skin. Anti-oxidents help give your skin protection against all those environmental trouble makers! And our setting spray and powder are full
of all that good stuff. Particularly the NS Setting Spray… it’s loaded with highly potent ingredients aimed to also hydrate and protect your skin. It’s deliciously perfect natural hydraters helps smooth out the minerals to a silky, soft finish.
Basically it’s perfect fist bump to finish up your makeup routine. You spent time on that look! Now you can help preserve it all day long.

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