The Ultimate Multi-Functional Pigments

You already grace the world with your natural, beautiful self.  We love natural here at NS, obviously. But adding some glam to your look with fun and unique colors is a fun way to express yourself and accessorize your look.  Our eye catching pigments can you give you every look from a pop star diva to a political candidate, who happens to have good taste in makeup.

Our pigments will spoil you, you’ll never want to drop a dime on an expensive, limited eye shadow color again.  Most eye shadows on the market have limited versatility and shelf-life.  Ever drop an eye shadow on the ground, just to have it crack into pieces and become useless?  You won’t have that problem with our mineral pigments.  Our minerals are beautifully refined into a pigment powder form that can be used in every creative way you can think of!

They are as PURE as color cosmetics get.

We don’t add all the unnecessary fillers and cheap junk that just makes most cosmetics go bad quickly or use up faster.  At NS we pride ourselves on making sure every ingredient has a purpose and purity to it!

Every time you get a snazzy new color… think of all the possibilities!  Because it’s pure potency, you can streak it in your hair, color your nail polish, change up your lip tones and more!  You can even paint Halloween makeup with these little miracles in a jar.  Plus, minerals are inert because they are mined from the earth.  So those pigments will outlast them all.  Most of our customers have our pigments years at a time… some over 10 years.  And those beautiful shimmery minerals are still shining bright like diamonds.

Check out a tutorial on many creative uses HERE

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