Express yourself with NS Blushes and Bronzers! The subtle shades enhance your natural skin tone with a radiant & bashful sheen.

NS Minerals foundation is so smooth at evening out your skin tone, adding a hint of color to your cheekbones gives your look a beautiful finish.  Everyone can use a little color and glow, even on the go!

With our NS Blushes, you’ll get a beautiful soft shimmer and all day wear.  Without causing damage to your skin.

Best part is, NS Blushes are just as versatile as our pigments!  Turn them into lip gloss, eye shadow, nail polish and more.

NS Blush lasts long on the skin and in the jar!  The purity makes a little go a long way.  I love putting in on once and forgetting about it!  I don’t worry about streaking or splotchy fading… It’s a soft look that stays strong all day!

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