Starting a Business, Creating a Formula, The Fails, Wins and Everything In Between

Growing up a tomboy, the last thing I ever thought I would do is own a makeup company.  But my first job outside of my small town, was selling cosmetics in a mall.  Once I helped a customer who changed my perspective forever.  Her appearance was one that seemed as if she was having a rough patch in her life financially and she approached me with a timid smile. She said she had never worn makeup before and needed help because her new job required it. I began to make her over and explain in detail how to use every product.  She expressed that she had been trying to get someone to help her all day but all the reps at the department store counters ignored her.  This hit me emotionally.  In the end she expressed her gratitude and bought a substantial amount of makeup.  All minerals I was confident were a good investment for her and that she would walk away feeling confident how to use them.  Confident in who she is.  Confident someone cared.  Confident in her own skin.

And that was I was going to base my business on.  That was culture I created with all the women on our NS Minerals team throughout the years.  That when someone encounters our team, they made them feel good while they were with them.  That you see them as a person who was struggling with their confidence, and that these products are made to enhance their natural beauty.  These products could heal and protect.  And that our team’s knowledge can empower them to care for their skin in a new way.

So at 20 years old, I started creating and producing our own line.  I was passionate about healthy makeup that still made women look natural.  I was also passionate about skin care and the ways mineral makeup could prevent and improve skin issues that weighed on women’s self-image.  So we soon embarked on a retail location in Sandy, Utah selling mineral cosmetics.   We founded NS Minerals in 2005 in Orem, Utah, and it was a fairly unknown product at the time.  We’ve grown ever since with love.  And we’re excited to make NS Minerals more and more accessible to everyone in the coming years.  We love our loyal customers and we’re excited to spread that love globally.

Founder and CEO

NS Minerals LLC 

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