NS Minerals

I absolutely LOVE my makeup from NS Minerals. I always get asked as to what make up I use because it makes my face look so clean and blemish free. Especially in pictures! I've used a lot of different cosmetics before, but this is by far my favorite! Not to mention the very affordable prices!! :) :) Krista -21

I love NS Minerals! Since I started using your products my skin is more clear (rarely have acne) and doesn't look blotchy. Thank you! Shelley -41 

I have been using NS Mineral foundation and eyeshadow for the past five years and I absolutely love it! It makes my skin feel good as well as look good. I love the variety of colors and I'm always trying to tell my friends about your store.  Julie -20

I use it for everyday wear/special occasions. I use the "Nightlife" in my fashion photography photoshoots that I do. I love the shimmer and the vibrant colors in the night life collection. It's excellent for my fashion photoshoots. Desiree -30

I love the feel of the brushes as I put on my make-up every morning. It's like a mini-massage for my face. I also like the fact that it is natural ingredients and looks natural, not caked on like clown makeup. Becky -54

NS Minerals

It has good coverage goes on well and smooth. I have tried so many mineral makeup's and this is the best one. Wendy -48

I love the light feeling. The full cover I achieve all over. And the fact that the pigments can be used more then one way is amazing Patricia -27 

I love the foundation and the blush. I use them daily. The foundation has great coverage and the blush colors stay true all day long. They don't make me break out either. Becky -40

I love it all! Great quality, great company, great prices. Fabulous long lasting colors. Healthy for my skin. Syndee -31

I love the way it looks on my skin, how smooth it feels, and how natural it looks. I love the little shimmer that the Green Tea powder leaves on my skin. Lacy -21

I love that NS Minerals products are such high quality. There aren't a ton of chemicals in any of the products and I think that is wonderful. The more natural the product you put on your face, the better it is for your skin I would think! I also am in love with the eyeshadow colors. They are absolutely stunning! Mikaila

NS Minerals

I like the fact that your products are good quality, the thing I like the most are the pigments, they look vibrant and beautiful. Michel -21

I love everything about it. The smooth coverage, amazing colors and how it lasts so long. Lynette -43

The foundation powder goes on smooth and flawless! Pam -30 

NS Minerals

I really like the foundation, It is so smooth and looks natural. I also like the eyeshadow. They stay on all day and they last forever. Angelika -48 

I love your product because it keeps the days dirt off my face, the natural feel that it has and I think it has helped my face. Your product makes me look natural doesn't sit in the creases, doesn't look fake. I've used your product for about 8 yrs. Cynthia -53

My skin just appears and feels smooth and brighter. I have some rosacea and redness and NS minerals covers nicely. My daughter who is 20 also uses your products and she loves them as they help to cover any blemishes. The makeup feels light, as if you aren't wearing any. Nancy -51 

I love NS Minerals. I hate feeling like I am wearing makeup, I want to feel naturally beautiful. NS light-weight it is, and how it stays on all day and doesn't stain my clothes. The friends I've converted, only had to try it once to see how amazing ns mineral makeup is. Valerie -19

Love It Kristel -35

I love the mineral foundation. It doesn't break me out and it looks natural! Leslie -29

NS Minerals

I love NS Minerals. The foundation looks natural and stays on all day long. I feel so good about myself after I put my makeup on in the morning that I can face a long day at work without thinking about my appearance again. I love it! Claudette -62

I like ns minerals because the nightlife colors add a splash of color to any outfit. Marissa -15

This product provides great even coverage and feels light on your skin, I had problems with breakouts and when I started using NS my breakouts subsided. Jamie -29

I've seen your makeup used on models and love how vibrant and flawless it makes the models look. Vanessa -20 

NS Minerals

I love that the makeup is all natural. It does not make my face oily or dry. I look fresh and feel pretty whenever I wear your product. Thank you for making a quality product, that not only is affordable but also makes me feel great about myself. Emile -26

I don't think you need to change a single thing! I love your product and have used it for the past several years. It is always so simple to order via the website. Julie -46

I absolutely love NS Minerals because it's so light, I don't feel like my face is caked with mak up. I love how it lasts all day long and how bold the colors are. I feel flawless when I wear NS Minerals. I thank my friend every time I see her for introducing me to this make up line. Mel -30 

NS Minerals

Love that you don't feel like you're wearing makeup. You look perfect for the day and forget that you even put any on! Erin -24

I love how NS Minerals products look and feel on my skin. I get great coverage, but my face feels clean and light. Amanda -30

Love how easy it is to put on and how light it is to wear, stays on all day and I don't feel like I'm wearing any make up! Love it!! Natalia -33

I like the make-up because it seems to stay on the face without having to reapply it. Heather -34

I LOVE Ns Minerals because it not only offers full to light coverage (depending on what you need) but its SOOO good for your skin. Being a makeup artist, I am always looking out for my clients and what is best for their skin (since you skin absorbs everything) I am sooo happy to have found NS Minerals. A lot of my clients ask me if I use XXX because they need ALOT of coverage and I always say NO WAY, I only use makeup that is good for your skiing and that NS MINERALS all the way! :) Siufer -23 

It is easy and fast to put on. Stacy -27

NS Minerals

I just didn’t think I would find another line of makeup I liked so much that wasn’t as expensive as the one I was using. And you have proven me wrong. I love NS Minerals, probably would never go back to the super expensive stuff. Thank you Wendy -29 

Love the eyeshadow; wears well and I frequently receive comments on my eyes :-) Sharon -49

I love how versatile all the eyeshadows are. I love how the foundation feels light on my face. I especially enjoy when I order something online it gets to my house in 3 sometimes 2 days! You guys are awesome. I hope you never stop selling or I would just die! Thank you thank you! Amber -28

NS Minerals

I love the mineral powder foundation, it's the perfect color without needing to mix different shades together. Trena -43

I like the natural look and weightless feel. Kim -28

I love the eye shadow colors! and the glitter they have in them. I also love the minerals foundation!!!! it goes on great and I like how much it covers. Leslie -36

I was immediately impressed with how natural my skin looked. It doesn't even look like I am wearing make-up and it really evens out my skin tone. I love you guys. Deena -56 

Great coverage. No heaviness. SPF built in. Great color selection. Non comedogenic. Amber -32

I was very skeptic about the foundation being that it is a powder; however, I turned to it over a year ago and haven’t stopped ordering it since. I love that everything is so versatile; you can use every item in more than 1 way. Libby -23 

It is quick and easy and always goes on smoothly. JJ -78

Both my daughter and I use the foundation. It helps to even out skin tones and she uses it daily to cover her acne. Feels light and great colors. I like it because it doesn't feel oily or heavy like liquid foundations Lorna -52 

Feels light and good on my skin. Love your primer!! The eye shadow colors are beautiful. Jenny -33 

Ever since I discovered NS Minerals several years ago, I won't use anything else. I struggled with acne and combination oily/flaky skin all through my teenage years, and I tried so hard to cover it up with heavy foundation, but ended up just looking like I had layered orange paint on my face. When I used NS Minerals for the first time I was amazed that I could still achieve that smooth foundation look with a powder, and even more amazed that it still looked like my skin. I get constant compliments on my eye shadow and blush, and even my hairdresser who does makeup professionally for photo shoots was impressed with my makeup when she found out that I wasn't spending a fortune on designer makeup products. I love NS Minerals! Katie -26 

I like the way it blends to the skin, but doesn't look like you have a lot of make-up on. It looks very natural. At my age I don't want to be one of the rosy-cheeked little old ladies that I used to giggle about when I was in my 20's. I tried a few others but they don't work as well. Toni -67

I like your products because they aren’t too expensive and you have great customer service. Rylee -18 

I like using NS Minerals products because it doesn't feel heavy on my skin like some liquid foundations. It goes on very nicely and it also comes off easily. Heidi -22

I love the way it makes my skin look. Many people compliment me and say I have a great complexion. And most people think I am not wearing make up at all. Shanda -28 

NS Minerals

I love the variety of the colors and how long they last. I really liked when I went there for the first time she matched the right base color to my skin. I will continue to buy this product as long as I can. I am so glad that I found this. Kim -30

It looks natural and is so light I don't feel like I have it on. April

I love NS Minerals! it evens up my skin tone and hides my blemishes. and is really light, and feels like I’m not wearing makeup. it's just great. Kalley -20 

Great coverage! Awesome eye shadow colors. NaKeesha -31 

NS Minerals

I like the full coverage of the powder, it does not feel heavy on my face & the color blends in naturally with my own color. Felicia -38

This is the most natural looking makeup on the skin. NS Minerals has given me amazing customer service! Camille -20

I like how light it feels on my face, it lasts a long time, and lots of eye shadow colors to choose from. It also covers well. Kelly -31

I have always had oily skin and your makeup does wonders for my face. I love that it sits on my skin instead of absorbing into my skin to make my face look like I just wiped it with a slice of pizza. The only product I've tried is the foundation. I'm sure your other products are great as well. I think you are doing everything right, please don't change a thing. Ashlee -26 

NS Minerals

Great selection of long-lasting pigments great for everyday as well as the stage. My skin has been healthier with less break-outs since switching to mineral foundation. Don't change a thing! I've found my match. Susan -35 

I love that it makes me feel beautiful. Makes my skin look so great. But best of all it goes on so quickly with no mess on my hands. I am hooked for life. Jill -34 

I love NS Minerals because you have the only foundation powder that matches my skin tone. Brooke -26

I absolutely love NS Minerals. It is the only makeup that matches my skin tone and makes me look clear and natural. People always comment on how good my skin looks. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have this makeup. I love ordering online because it gets to me within 1-2 days. I love the brushes and the bronzer and foundation. You guys are the greatest!!! Michelle -26

My wife loves it. David 

I really enjoy your foundation, the coverage is fantastic & the product lasts a long time. Stephanie -28

I love your stuff change nothing! Karen -30 

NS Minerals

Love that shipping is fast and the products are amazing and fit my college budget Crystal -21 

I love how natural and chemical free the make-up is, and yet it is still so beautiful and user-friendly. Tamara -27

I absolutely love NS Mineral products. Ever since I was younger and started wearing makeup, I hated liquid foundations and such. I found this product and fell in love with it from the start. It is so easy to apply-you don't have to be an expert. The color of my base is exactly my skin color, and the products are just amazing. I will never stop wearing NS Minerals, so please don't stop making them! Miriam -19 

I love the way it makes everyone's skin look so flawless! Jasmin -22

I love the product. It doesn't feel like you have caked makeup on but still covers blemishes great. I only use this product! Nadine -55

I love how light the makeup is and how easily it comes off. I love the colors for the eyeshadow; so many to choose from. It still natural but you still look beautiful. Celeste -21

I have rosacea. Your product does not inflame my skin. Love it! Thank you! Jacki -50 

NS Minerals

I love that it doesn't rub off on clothing. My husband and children no longer run around with make-up on their clothing. I also love that it feels natural, like I am not wearing make-up. I have found that I am not always checking my face to make sure I look ok. That is a very good feeling, not to worry anymore. Thanks!!! Mara -45

I just love the coverage I get from it. A little goes a long way Sue -41

I love it. Makes my face look good without looking like a cake face! Lacey -20

I like NS Minerals because it hides my eczema and rosacea. When I put  my make on it makes me feel like a whole new women and gives me confidence. Jenny -33 

Can barely tell you're wearing it. Blends right into the skin. Lara -26

NS Minerals

This is the only makeup that covers all my acne marks and dark spots. I panic if I run out before ordering more, but I like how quickly it is shipped to my house, so I don't have to wait long at all. Seriously LOVE your product!!! Dianna -34

The colors are so vivid. You don't have to use a ton of it to get the color that you want. I like to blend them and make my own colors to match to a specific outfit Alyssa 19

I like the price to begin with, but NS Minerals has always performed the way it claims. Lovely products! Heidi -45

There are so many colors to choose from, and it lasts all day Ty -37

I use the mineral foundation in Cappuccino. It goes on smooth and I love the feel. It looks so natural. I can't imagine it getting any better!! Kerry -46

I love NS Minerals I use it every day I have tons probably about 30 eye shadows and i still order more when there are good deals. My eye shadow always stays on and lasts me all day if i use the primer. I also use it as lipgloss and eyeliner! Great product Mel -17 

NS Minerals

I like NS Minerals products because it looks like I'm not wearing foundation. I like the clean-faced look, but at the same time all the eye colors and blushes can really rock out for a fun night out. My skin is very sensitive, so it's nice to have a make-up that is easy on the skin - and easy on the eyes! :) I'm so grateful to my niece for introducing me to these products! She's my hero! (And now you are part of that, too!) Robinson -36 

I love all of the pretty colors and I love the fact that it will stay good forever! (Because it's going to take me awhile to use all of it lol) Amanda -30 

I love that the product covers so well, lasts a long time throughout the day, and the jars last a long time too! June

I have a dificulty finding foundation to match my skin tone.. they are either too orange! to dark or too light! I'm an in-between and this makeup has been fabulous for this problem. I like how it doesn't dry out my skin either. Taryn -27

I love that the products are so pigmented. The colors are AMAZING! Samantha -28

I have very sensitive skin and the minerals compliment my skin tones without making me "break-out." I love the product and plan on using it forever. :) Brooke -21 

I love that you feel like you aren’t even wearing makeup! Liz -31

NS Minerals

Love that it lasts all day. Doesn't make me feel greasy. Coverage is really great Leigh -25 

It gives my skin a flawless look and lasts all day. It also doesn't dry out my skin. Alessa -20

I love it everyone always comments on my eye shadow and have had lots of family switch to it Roxanne -24

I love that your products have pure & simple ingredients. I know when I put it on my face that there aren't any strange chemicals or fillers going on to clog up my pores. I love that the colors are true when applied. Valerie -29

I love how light and soft my skin feels! I feel like I'm wearing hardly any make-up yet I know my skin looks good! I love having so many eye shadow options and how shimmery they all are. The brushes are so soft. The blush is so natural looking. Everything just blends so well! Mandy -21

NS Minerals

My daughter got me using NS. I did not think I would like it, but I loved the way my skin felt after using it for awhile. I worried that it would dry out my skin, or make my wrinkles look worse, but it improved the look. I love the product and will never go back to the liquid foundation. Diane -72

Its the only thing I can use that doesn't make me break out. Kelsie -21 

I love how smooth the foundation makes my skin feel and that the coverage can be as light or as full as I feel that I need. Deena -42