Common Questions and Answers 



Lips and Nails

Eyes: Using a shadow brush that is large will give you a softer more  “Shimmer-like” appearance.  Using a smaller brush will give you a more concentration of pigment color and give you better precision.  Use your brush to dip into the NS Pigment then tap the excess into the lid.  Then spread lightly on the lid and blend until you get the look you’d like.  Use the lid again to keep adding more color until you achieve your desired darkness in color.  Using NS Eye Primer will make the color go on more potent and also you can blend back and forth with you brush on the primer to achieve a more “matte” shadow look. (You can also use our NS Setting Powders over the top of your finished eye look to tone down the shimmer as well).

* The NS Eye Primer also waterproofs the pigments and keeps them from creasing or fading all day.

For NS Eye Liner: Use a thin or small eye shadow brush, or optimally an angled thin brush.  Dip the brush into water then the desired NS Pigment. Then either on your hand, on a mixing plate or your lid, blend until you get a muddy consistency.  Add more water or NS Pigment to get the right thickness.  Then blend the brush right along your lash line.  Depending on the size of your brush and how hard you push the brush will determine the thickness of your liner.  You might need to add more water if it begins to dry.  The NS Eye Liner is great at staying on all day, just don’t put too much pigment into the mix or it can cause it to dribble on the face.  Put the liner on before your mascara. 

*We recommend NS Single Pigments:  “Black”, “Diamond Nights”, “Dark Blue”, “Cleopatra” and “Chocolate” as great eye liner colors although any colors are great to create new eye liner looks with.  “Aqua” is a very fun liner color.

Smokey Eye Tutorial showing how to use NS “Black” Pigment as Shadow and Eye Liner:


Lips: Mix any of NS Pigments or NS Blushes with any clear or tinted lip gloss to create your own shades.  Apply with your fingertip or lip brush.  To keep the clarity of the gloss, make sure clean your lip brush between each use.

Tutorial w/ CEO for applying blush as NS Pigments as a Lip Color:


Nails: Using a clear nail polish, wipe one side of the brush off so that it won’t drip.  Then dab the brush in your desired NS Pigment.  Place the side with pigment on your nail, then turn the brush over to blend the clear polish more with the pigment throughout the nail. 

Tutorial for NS Lips and Nails hosted by NS Customer:

Hair:  Depending on the size of your eye shadow brush, will determine the thickness of the hair highlight.  Just dab the shadow brush in the NS Pigment of choice and starting at the roots of hair just near your scalp, slide the brush gentle down your hair to your desired length of color.  You can apply hair gel beforehand or hair spray it afterwards for stay-power.

Tutorial for Hair Highlights hosted by fun NS Customers:


Makeup Artist Tip: When applying heavy pigment eye shadows, place extra setting powder on the cheeks below the eyes to prevent the pigment from contacting the skin. Apply setting powder first, eye shadow second, foundation third. The setting powder will protect the cheeks from “pigment spills. There is no right or wrong way to the order you put on your makeup, it’s what works best for you.  But to avoid redoing or unnecessary cleanups, it’s best to apply NS Pigments on the eyes first. 

Other Tutorials:

Daytime look using NS Foundation, Blush and Pigment Trio w/ CEO:

Smokey Eye using NS Pigment “Midnight Waters”:

Salt Lake Magazine, Product Information and Quick Tutorials on our All-in-One NS Pigments:



NS Foundation

Using our NS INCREDIBUKI you can achieve a nice medium coverage while optimizing the look of your foundation.  It puts it on smoothly without wasting product.  After taking off the plastic over your sifter, put the lid back on the foundation and give it a slight shake.  Then re-open the jar and dab the brush in the NS Foundation sitting on top.  Tap the excess in the lid.  Then apply by dabbing the brush all over each section of your face.  How much foundation you dab on and how many layers of you apply will determine the heaviness and coverage. 

Use a concealer brush or fingertip to dip into the foundation then apply to a spot on the face that needs more coverage.  NS Foundation doubles as all over coverage and concealer in one.   You can blend with face creams, eye creams and lotions to get a heavier coverage for dark spots or to give the foundation a smoother coverage over fine lines and pores. 


Tutorial on how to test our Mineral Foundation Samples and get use out of the colors you ordered that didn’t match you perfectly. As well as how to Apply the foundation all over.

Tutorial on how to apply foundation, turn the foundation into under eye concealer and spot cover up:


Using a medium sized brush, flat, rounded or angled depending on your preference, dab into the NS Blush color.  Tap the excess in the lid, a little goes a long way with our blushes. NS Blushes are just as potent as NS pigments.  Dab the brush on each side of your cheeks along your cheekbones.  Then smile, and starting from the balls of your cheeks blend in circles upwards toward the top of your earlobes.  It’s best not to let the blush color go too far underneath or cheekbones, or past your eye brows.  Also don’t get too close to underneath your eyes.  You can also use the blush for all the same uses for pigments as seen above.  Most NS Blushes make beautiful lip, nail and eye color as well. 


Skin Care First Tip: If your skin is oily, make sure your face wash is pH balanced.  When you strip your skin of its natural oils you can cause it to overcompensate by then overproducing oils naturally because your skin wants to protect itself.  It might feel more fresh and clean at first but the harsh effects of a cleanser will do more damage than good. 

If you are finding your skin looks shiny also regard the consistency and ingredients of your moisturizer.  Be sure to research the ingredients in your products.  Going with a natural product line can help take away the risks of breakouts caused by harsh chemicals and pore-clogging oils.  If your moisturizer is too thick it will put NS Foundation on heavier.  If your moisturizer is too shiny, it will make NS Foundation more shiny and the oils in it may make it not stay on as well or look too thick.  Our minerals take on the character of the quality of what you are using underneath and how you are caring for your skin.  Exfoliating with a gentle scrub once a week and using a light balanced moisturizer is best. Try our new Skin Serum and Green Tea Setting Spray for excellent hydrating benefits.

What are the differences between the liquid, pressed powder, and cream foundations already on the market, versus NS Mineral Foundation?

Pure mineral makeup uses your natural body chemistry (oils) to adhere to the skin, therefore improving the stay-power and health of the skin.  Liquid makeup can clog your pores and trap bacteria beneath the surface. NS allows your skin to breathe while still offering skin tone coverage and protection without causing breakouts. NS has also added a proprietary mineral complex of ingredients that are natural nutrients for the skin. This unique blend helps fight aging and acne, while also encouraging new, healthy cell growth and hydrating the skin. NS Mineral make-up has a lightweight coverage and is easier and faster to apply than liquids and creams. It also has minerals that naturally protect your skin from the sun and impurities in the air. 


How is NS better for my skin?

NS Minerals uses safe natural ingredients that actually have health benefits for your skin. The NS complex also provides essential mineral nutrients that are beneficial to hydrating and protecting your skin.  The minerals also provide a natural sunblock for daily SPF protection.  Since daily sun damage is what causes most dark spots and wrinkles, it’s important to shield yourself every day. NS will not cause acne and helps to calm redness in the skin.


What does the 'NS' in NS Minerals stand for?

NS is an acronym for Nature's Source.  When the company was founded in 2005, we wanted a name that described the basis of what we are about.  We simply use “nature's sources” to derive the best cosmetics available.  Mineral cosmetics are not a new concept.  For thousands of years minerals have been used for cosmetic application. The cosmetic industry uses celebrities and media hype to convince consumers that it is natural to pay higher prices for makeup that neither looks as beautiful or has the longevity of NS Minerals to downplay the simple concept that nature sources us with a myriad of practical uses. Although the formulation of which ingredients to combine to make the best mineral cosmetics is complicated, the concept that natural is better, isn’t complicated at all.


What kind of coverage does it provide?

NS Mineral foundation looks and feels much more natural, without sacrificing any of the coverage! It also smooths and evens out skin tone, giving the look of naturally flawless skin, rather than the look of a caked on mask of makeup. Not all mineral makeup covers the same. Just like any product each company has differently sourced ingredients and formulas. NS is made to mesh and grab on well to oils, offering superior coverage. The type of brush you use, and the amount you put on determines the amount of coverage. You can also blend NS with any face lotion or eye cream to get a heavier coverage, although most don't need to. You can also wear NS as a tinted moisturizer.  Tutorials are available on the NS Minerals’ YouTube™ channel to show how easily you can blend our products to your individual needs. Over the years, customers have repeatedly stated that NS has a superior natural look and coverage, as well as a better longevity than competing mineral product lines.


What is Mineral Make Up?

Mineral makeup is simply minerals that are mined from the earth and treated, coated and refined to produce cosmetic grade pigment, safe to use on the skin. These pigments used alone are considered natural but when mixed with chemicals, dyes, and cosmetic fillers they no longer can be called natural. This is what most cosmetic companies do, which results in a short shelf life and quicker consumption. Mica, titanium dioxide, zinc and iron oxides are minerals often used in conventional cosmetics even if only in trace amounts, but NS is PURELY minerals.  At Nature’s Source we don’t add any unnecessary ingredients.  The purity makes your product last longer and keeps you from having to reapply throughout the day. 


Isn't it cheaper to just buy mineral make up from the drug store?

Drug store brands are mass manufactured and focus on giving you less content and filling their products with cheapened ingredients to give you a "better" price point and ultimately sell more product. The best recommendation we can give is to COMPARE the net weight, and ingredients. We encourage everyone to just see for themselves. If a mineral foundation has 5 grams (half of our content) and is filled with talc and other unnecessary fillers for $14, NS actually gives you more product for a better price when you compare. 


Do I need a special brush to apply mineral make up?

Remember that if the brush is cheap or free, you are probably getting what you paid for. The better the quality of the brush (the softer the bristles, and the more tightly compact) the better the application of makeup. Additionally, cheaper brushes often result in faster use of the makeup, unnecessarily. It is always a good idea to invest in quality brushes.  NS Minerals carries only the highest quality brushes possible.  We make our brushes as affordable as possible, because it's significant to the quality of how the makeup is applied.  Using a tapered, short handle brush works the best to apply the foundation all over the face (which is why we recommend our Kabuki for a nice medium coverage). NS brushes are specially made to pick up loose powder, apply and blend evenly on the face.  The concealer brush is excellent to apply in a concentrated spot where more coverage is needed (under eye, blemishes, dark spots, etc.).  A large eye shadow brush is good for an all-over color or to highlight the eyebrows.  A smaller eye shadow brush is good for putting a darker color in the crease or getting contrast when blending multiple colors.  The angled liner brush is perfect for wetting and mixing with the pigments to transform any of them into an eye liner.


Are any mineral ingredients bad for my skin?

Almost any mineral or herb, no matter how beneficial or pure, can give someone an adverse reaction.  There is no single product on this planet that will be a “one size fits all”.  Everyone’s skin and body chemistry is unique.  At NS we strive to make our formulations as friendly as possibly to any skin type.  A lot of companies use propaganda techniques claiming certain ingredients are bad for your skin, and that they do not contain them, and some ingredients that are commonly used will remain controversial. But rest assured, we make sure our ingredients are cosmetic grade and as safe as possible.  Minerals have been used for thousands of years SAFELY. 

Sometimes companies overuse the ingredient “Bismuth Oxychloride” and some people don’t react well to it. Many of those who are unable to wear other brands that contain it can wear NS Minerals because it uses substantially smaller amounts. The inability to wear mineral makeup was often a result of a reaction to the excess of the ingredient. It is very rare we have customers react to our products. Bismuth Oxychloride is key to keep the makeup from having a “chalk-like” appearance so if you decide to go with a brand that doesn’t use it, make sure to test the look of the product first. Occasionally someone will be allergic to the Titanium Dioxide that provides sun screen, but generally mineral make-up, very seldom causes an allergic reaction.  Mineral ingredients are on the periodic table of elements and they are refined into a cosmetic ingredient that is excellent at making the make-up smoother and giving you better coverage.   


What if I don't want sparkly eye shadow?  Can I wear anything sparkly at my age?

NS Minerals uses only MICA as a carrier to our pigments as opposed to talc used by other cosmetics and has far inferior quality. While the mineral Mica has may have sheen, it has the best application and adhesive qualities. There are many types of Mica and refining processes and because NS uses only the best refined Mica, our pigments contain sheen. Consequently, don’t carry matte colors because less refined Mica results in mineral pigments losing their blending and stay-power. We recommend the use of an eye primer, (which is already a must have), but when blended with pigment using a brush or finger, tones down the shine significantly. 

If you're worried that sparkly make up isn't appropriate for your age, we understand.  But know that it isn't!  We would recommend steering away from NS Nightlife Single Pigment because those contain an ingredient that appears very glittery. Our pigments look amazing on mature skin, and make the eyes pop. Definitely use the eye primer for the best matte look and protects from creasing and fading. Remember, blending is the key!


 Is NS Minerals good for my skin type?

Every skin type can benefit from Nature’s Source Mineral Makeup.

Oily skin: Mineral Makeup is great for oily skin. Liquid foundations contain oils, additives and fillers that can clog the pores and cause breakouts. The Advanced Oil Control Setting Powder contains rice powder and a new ingredient that are excellent at absorbing excess oils throughout the day. Its pH is also at its best to provide all day oil absorption and keeping your skin balanced.

Dry skin: Mineral Makeup leaves your skin with a flawless look and because there is no talc (that is used in pressed foundations) Nature’s Source will not settle in tiny lines and wrinkles, which can make your skin look dry and old. The foundation can blend beautifully with any moisturizer to create a tinted moisturizer at any desired strength in color. The unique trace minerals complex found in our foundation have hydrating qualities for the skin. We also recommend our Green Tea Setting Powder for those with dry skin. The Green Tea Setting Powder consists of actual Green Tea extracts which make for a potent and excellent formula. Green Tea is an anti-inflammatory, and hydrates the skin.

Sensitive skin: People who are sensitive to makeup are most likely sensitive to all the fillers that are in cosmetics. Nature’s Source has no fragrance, no oils, no fillers, and no chemical dyes to irritate skin. We recommend the Green Tea Setting Powder for this skin type as well.

Rosacea:  Titanium Dioxide acts as a natural anti-inflammatory and has no ingredients that will irritate this condition. It covers up redness phenomenally, so those with this condition are receiving the coverage they need to feel better about their skin, without aggravating the condition. We recommend the Green Tea Setting Powder because of its anti-inflammatory qualities.

Young skin: Start taking care of your skin at a young age. When you're young, you just need something light and natural.  Nature’s Source provides a sheer and light coverage to young skin versus the caked on look of cream foundations.  The minerals will not aggravate any acne conditions and in fact allows the skin to breathe rather than harboring bacteria.  It’s important to start protecting your skin from sun damage at a young age, when the skin is the most susceptible to permanent damage.  NS has minerals with a natural sunblock. 

Mature skin: Mineral Makeup contains Mica which is a natural light reflector for a healthy glow, and utilizes Titanium Dioxide, a natural sunblock. NS does not settle in lines or wrinkles. NS Minerals' unique trace minerals also help with improving the hydration and smoothness of the skin.